History of the Crusades Michaud  published 1812-17;Limited Edition Collections by Subscription
Vol I Joseph-Francois Michuad Illustrated by Gustave Dore
-Blondel hear the Voice of Richard -Hospitality of Barbarians to Pilgrims -Foulque-Nerra Assailed bt the Phantoms if His Victims -Peter the Hermit Preaching the Crusade -The War Cry of the Crusaders -Walter the Penniless in Hungary -The Army of Priest Volkmar and Count Emicio Attack Mersbourg -The Second Crusaders Encounter the Remains of the First Crusaders -Celestial Phenomena -Astonishment of the Crusaders at the Wealth of the East -Godfrey meets the remains of the Army of Peter the Hermit -Priests Exhorting the Crusaders -Crusaders Throwing Heads into Nice -The Battle of Nicea -The Battle of Dorylaeum -Burying the Dead after the Battle of Dorylaeum -The Battle of Antioch -Florine of Burgundy -Bohemond Alone Mounts the Rampart of Antioch -The Massacre of Antioch -Barthelemi Undergoing the Ordeal of Fire -The Road to Jerusalem -Enthusiasm of Crusaders at the First View of Jerusalem -Second Assault of Jerusalem: The Crusaders Repulsed -Apparition of St. George on the Mount of Olives -Godfrey Enters Jerusalem -The Discovery of the True Cross -Godfrey Imposed Tributes Upon Emirs -Gerard of Avesnes Exposed on the Wall of Asur -The Crusaders Massacre the Inhabitants of Caesarea -The Hundred Knights after Twenty Thousand Saracens -Death of Baldwin, King of Jerusalem -Ylgazy Gives Gauthier His Life -Louis VII Receiving the Cross from St. Bernard -Destruction of the Army of Conrad III of Germany -Louis VII -Saladin -Glorious Death of De Maille, Marshall of the Templa -Death of Frederick of Germany -The Siege of Ptolemais -The Siege of Ptolemais -Richard Coeur De Lion in Reprisal Massacres Captives -Crusaders Surrounded by Saladins Army -Richard Coeur De Lion and Saladin at Battle of Arsur -Richard Coeur De Lion Delivering Jaffa -Dandolo, Doge of Venice, Preaching the Crusade -The Emperor Alexius Poisoned and Strangled by Mourzoufle -Mourzoufle Parleying with Dandolo -Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople

Vol II Joseph-Francois Michuad Illustrated by Gustave Dore
-The Holy Sepulchre -Crusade Against teh Moors of Grenada -The Crusade of Children -A Friendly tournament -For the Defence of Christ -St. Francis of Assise Endeavors to Convewrt Sultan Melic-Kamel -The Baptism of Infidels -The Departure of Thibault, king of Navrre -The Crusaders War Machinery -Gaining Converts -The true cross -Benediction -Dispersion of the Syrian Army by a Sand Tempest -St. Louis Before Damietta - Te Deum After Victory -The Crusaders on The Nile -A message from the East - St. Louis a Prisioner in Egypt -Arrival at Cairo of Prisioners of Minich -Christian Cavaliers Captive at Cairo -Death of Almoadam -The Emirs Head Showon in the Seraglio -The Sultana Chegger-Eddour and the Emir Saif Eddin -A Celestial Light -The Cruelties of Bibars -The Captives -The Departure From Aigues-Mortes -The Night of August 25 th, 1270 -Prayers for the Dead -Assasination of Henry of Germany -Edward III of England Kills his Attempted Assassin -The Dishonorable Truce -Invocation to Mahomet -Sanuti Showing Maps of the East to Pope John XXII -The Veteran -Constantine Palaeologus Haranguing the Defenders of Constantinople -Mahomet II Before Constantinople -The Ottomans Penetrate Hungary -The Sinews of War -The Crusaders Crossing Mount Taurus -An Enemy of the Crusaders -The Battle of Lepanto -The Departure -The Order of Chivalry -The return -The Christian Army in the Mountains of Judea -Confession -Miracles -The Battle of Arsur -Troubadours Singing the Glories of the Crusades

Historie desCroisades par Michaud, Furne edition  Paris1841

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